Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Street Swag

New York City, NY

Although I enjoy catching an occasional bespoke suit, a Thomas Pink shirt, some Italian oxfords, the real rerason I started the site was because of gentlemen like the one in today's post.

I remember watching an old movie and telling myself that every one 'dressed up', every one looked good regardless to the amount of money they had (maybe it was about self respect, maybe it was just the times)... This site was and remains about catching people that 20 years from now, I can imagine looking back at and saying..... "Yeah, he/she had that cool...he/she had that Swagger!!!"


  1. Love it. I really love that he put care into his look and that he most likely dresses like this every day as a matter of course.

  2. Well this man has certainly got it. People can look so magnificent in trench coats, especially a double breasted one (worn open or closed).

  3. Thank you for posting this gentleman! I get tired of seeing the same pretentious NYC looks being highlighted in style blogs. The lense needs to be focused on other people in NYC... like you've done here with this gentleman. Style is not only what's in the fashion mag's and what's at fashion week! Thank you for thinking outside of the box when it comes to picking up on style! This gentleman has it... We want to see more diversity of styles!

  4. He looks like he couldn't get any more comfortable. You have an excellent eye for classics, Karl, the layers, the colors, the details, everything. Check out fb

  5. Thank you for posting this gentleman. I love the care that he took in getting himself ready for the day... It reminds me of how when I was growing up my parents would always tell me that having class and having money were two separate things!

  6. Yup! he looks great...

    Lindsay has a good point about the Class and money factor.



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