Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Instead of a list, I wanted to share with you a few of the books I feel are must haves. Not because they talk about bespoke suits, or expensive items, but because it's a foundation from which one can build regardless to if you wear denim or a 3 piece suit.

As far as magazines, this is one of those annual issues that I've been picking up since it started in 2006. It has a little of everything in it, from how to polish your shoes, to packing for a trip. This is one of those items that keep you sharp and inspired.

Clothes And The Man by Alan Flusser
This book is one of those books that has it all... from learning to tie different types of tie knots, to the perfect fit (shirts, pants, suits), to different patterns for shirts. In all honesty, this book has everything a well dressed man could ask for... the only thing not included is Swagger (you have to get that on your own, and as for the signed copy - well, that's mine!)

Gentleman ( A Timeless Guide To Fashion) by Bernard Roetzel
Like the book above, this is a gem. It's one of those books you keep within eye sight, at least until you find your own style (then you proceed with calculated recklessness). Certainly a keeper and great gift idea for the gentleman looking to understand the art of dressing.

Well every gentleman is entitled to his secrets - this is one of mine. This is an A to Z guide on dressing well. It captures all the things you want to remember, and be aware of. This is actually how I packed it on my last road trip... You don't expect me to give you all my secrets now do you?

And last but not least... The Moleskin. Regardless to what people suggest, I feel this is one of the best reads one can have. It's a collection of thoughts ideas that I've come up with along the way. The point is to collect enough thoughts, and decide what works best for you (I really believe every person should have one with them at all times). In a way, create your own book... your own Bible (of sorts).

Live with Swagger.

I firmly believe that Swagger is not fabricated... it's not something that is studied, copied, or emulated. Swagger actually only begins when one finds him/herself. In my mind, the books are not guides to swagger, simply tools one uses to complete what they've started. Enjoy the journey.


  1. Nice recommendations. May I also suggest Dressing The Man by Alan Flusser. Excellent read to help broaden one's suit game.

  2. Ah, a friend bought me the mystery book as a no-reason gift (fits well with your 'Things To Do' list from another post).

    I actually keep it in my traveler and peek at it every so often for no reason at all. Like a style thesaurus of sorts. Great choices, I'll check out some of the others you've mentioned as well.



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