Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pedigree Sneaker Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

"Asio Highsmith does not want to sell you a pair of shoes, he wants to sell you a lifestyle. He wants to sell you your life." After reading this as reported by Andy Newman for The Locale (a Brooklyn publication), and seeing some photos posted on The Minority Report blog, how could I not want to know and see for myself. I made a call the one of Brooklyn's Finest DJ's (Frei of Ahficionado/Guts/the Block Association) and he made it happen. I walked into this sneaker store and the first thing that made me say "I think they have Swagger" was the forever lawn... 100% biodegradable astroturf that covered every inch of the sales floor. The music playing was possibly some Jimi Hendricks, the vibe - BROOKLYN FLY. They have a live DJ, and have the brand new Y3's that aren't even posted on the Y3 website yet (you know Brooklyn's gotta have it first).

What really did it for me was the brief conversation I had with Asio, this cat's a class act. The last thing that solidified this as Swagger 360 worthy was catching glimpse of a chap on the couch taggin' his headphones... This is BROOKLYN, this is about LIFESTYLE... it's also about CLASS and BEING YOU.

Pedigree Sneaker Gallery
45 Willoughby Ave. (between Adelphi and Clermont)
(718) 858-8755


  1. My little brother would love this. Thank you for the wonderful tip.

  2. Rad shop!

    - www.21Arrondissement.com



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