Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Do not be alarmed... I am not going to change too much the format of this blog, However since New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow and I am not posting any photos today, I decided to share the latest post on one of my 'dormant' blogs that I decided to revive. If you like the following, feel free to follow the other 2 blogs that feature more reading material. Links at the end of the post. (From 'Idle thoughts of a Gentleman'

I’m not one to be too concerned with the general opinion people have of me (partially because people in general tend to bore me) and the sickness called ‘need of acceptance’ is one that I’ve long become immune to. Psychologist will tell you that humans have a need for acceptance and approval … I say a fool is he who caters to a fickle mob – what you ultimate lose is far more valuable than what can be gained. Without concern of the attention of others, let me say that I am a gentleman. Now, I feel the need to clear the air and state that there is a misconception as to what constitutes the fabric of a gentleman/lady. It’s not so much caring what people think, but living in a manner that isn’t offensive to the quality of life of others. Today I bring this up because of my commute today into the city (New York City). I sat by a nice looking lady (which I always enjoy doing even when I have no motive other than to simply be off me feet), she even smelled the smell of vanilla, musk, rose and laced with a hint of caramel, undoubtedly she was wearing Spark by Liz Claiborne. I had no intentions on speaking to her (maybe I would have made an exception if she was wearing the scent of sandalwood and the veltiver found in Chanel #5), being next to her was enough to cause a man to smile... then I heard boom bap ... I looked over and saw her nodding her head... NOOOOO.... That's when I noticed the white ipod head phones sticking out her ears. I have 2 issues with this picture.

1. The quality of music that a second party hears from headphones is pretty much garbage. I can't help but feel you're violating me by forcing me to listen to low quality sound.

2. Aside from the sound being of poor quality, I was in no mood to hear 'her' music.

I sat back and shook my head. Thought to myself that if I were interested in this woman, this would have been a deal breaker. Technology has taken us away from personal connections and creates individual worlds where people think less of each other and only seek personal satisfaction. At that point I did possibly an ungentlemanly thing (but I think the Gentlemen Gods will forgive me), I got up and decided to stand instead of sitting next to her, someone ran to the seat ... I allowed them to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment ... then I looked, they to had on the white wire and blaring music. They ran to grab the seat on the subway and head headphones with blaring music... all I needed now was them to start singing and it would have been the trifecta.

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