Monday, January 25, 2010

Round Table Discussion

Brooklyn, NY

This weekend I was honored to have been invited to a round table discussion hosted by The Brooklyn Circus on the future of fashion. So, I had the opportunity to be in the company of 25 other chaps whose style and opinions varied, 25 chaps who where either Designers, Photographers, Bloggers, Store owners, and/or Editors.

I'll get your week started with some of the photos from the evening, tomorrow, I'll share the last few photos and share with you some of my thoughts.


  1. Oh my life. That much style! im suprised the universe didnt explode with that much style in one room! I have so much to learn on my journey!

  2. I never enjoyed the "fashion" or "fashionable" to me it always resembled to closely to the word "follower." I am mildly curious in wanting to see more pictures and receive more info on what you gentlemen discussed.

  3. Totally love the two images at the top and the picture at the bottom of your post. I swear if you did a desaturate and added a grainy film filter you would think those pictures were from another decade! I love their vibe!

  4. Third pic is GREAT!




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