Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Round Table Discussion

Brooklyn N.Y.

Well, as promised I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the round table discussion I attended over the weekend... and since you should only expect 'straight talk' from me, I wont disappoint you. We talked about the difference between Style and Fashion.. The future direction of Fashion... We talked about 'celebrity' influence one Fashion among other topics.

As I bang these few lines, I will repeat one thing I said at the round table..... "Any one with style could care less about a fashion."

Style is about doing your own thing ... Now if you want to be a Gentleman and have Style or a Lady and have Style, there are rules. Rule #1 Gentlemen and Ladies make it a point not to offend others, and are always considerate of those with whom they come in contact. They understand and look to improve the overall quality of life.

After the round table discussion I came to the conclussion that there are 3 groups.
1. Those who follow fashion
2. Those who have or try to create their own style.
3. Those who focus on being gentlemen and ladies of style.

This site is for that later group. When I say Live with Swagger, I mean create your "own" style, but go further and in doing so always remember that Swagger begins where style ends.

With that said I decided to give you a short list of what a gentleman or lady of style wont do. (and as always, feel free to comment)
1. Ringtones..... a no no. put your phone on vibrate, no one wants to hear your music when your phone rings.
2. Play your music so loud on your mp3 player that you might as well ask the person next to you if they want to dance.
3. Don't cough in your hand while on the train then touch the poll, cough in your sleeve... gems travel we're all old enough to know this.
4. Don't ride the train with your back pack on ... Actually if you're over 23 you shouldn't have a backpack unless you go camping.
5. Boys - Don't let your boxers show, no one cares to see your boxers and Girls, if you have to cover your g-string as you walk up the stairs, maybe you shouldn't wear them with those low rise jeans.

Swagger is being that Gentleman of Style, Swagger is being that Lady of Style. Swagger is having Style, but also having that something else.... hey, I kind of like that line "Swagger begins where Style ends."


  1. hey guerre, this is katlin from hawaii! met you on sunday. i guess my mom taught me well cause she always reminds me to cough into my sleeve!

  2. Hi Guerre,

    Does a gentleman listen to hip-hop?

    If so what artists?

  3. Anonymous, I believe that a gentleman can listen to anything he chooses. However, because I am a firm believer that if you hang out with 9 broke friends, you're bound to be the 10th one... one should be very wary of the company they keep... including music they listen to. Hip Hop seems to no longer imitate life, instead life imitates Hip Hop... I can't help but think that's not the way it should be. I believe that every gentleman and lady should have a selection of music they listen to depending on their mood. The world is vast, so are the sounds it produces. Afro beat.... jazz.... classical..... and a little Jay Z stay in my rotation. As far as what artist I'd suggest, I say listen to what inspires you, what makes you work harder - if it doesn't speak to your soul... what's the point.

    A gentleman is not what he listens to, but how he lives. Everything in moderation. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to discuss it more and I'd like to send you a free copy of my book if you send me your mailing address.

    Live with Swagger.

  4. Swagger begins where style ends. Clever and made me think. To me, in your effort to demonstrate swagger with your blog it seems that there's a level of ownership and sense of self within the photos. That they wear the clothes and not the other way around. Within this post I believe that defining swagger that a level of class, taste and elegance isn't all lost in society. It gives me some hope.

    1 & 2. Ringtones are definitely a no no. Music goes on my ipod at a respectable level to those around me.
    3. Generally, I cough into the crook of my arm.
    4. There are many great alternatives to backpacks out there that can set off a person's swagger and provide a complement while transporting items.
    5. It's garish and classless when a man's boxers or woman's undergarments are exposed.

    I have come to enjoy reading your blog and viewing your photos. Keep it up!

  5. Love that first pic! Awesome style!

    - www.21Arrondissement.com

  6. Vera,
    Shoot me an e-mail, I'd like to discuss an upcoming project with you.

  7. I disagree with the backpack rule... I have a really dope brown leather grained Tumi bag... i love it .. because it is classy enough to take to work... i work in the financial district... but also if i go traveling i can take it traveling with me also.. i love the versatility of it...

    its leather... so i kinda keep it on, on the train when going home and to work... if its really packed ill take one strap off and pull it in front of me, as to be courteous to others... but in the past, my old and other bags i never wore on the train..

    but this one because it is leather i have already gotten it stained by putting in the on the ground of the train...



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