Monday, May 4, 2009

Swagger After Dark

Brooklyn, NY

Bevin 'Yung Bev' Elias of Brooklyn Circus
I must say in all honesty, very few young cats pull it off like this chap. He's one of those young guns that keep seasoned gentlemen on their toes and on top of their game! a true class act.


  1. that's definitely swagger!! Immaculately dressed.

  2. Bev is a real serious dude. Not too many people can look that fly all the time! Kudos.

  3. ´Fly´?

    Well....All I can say is that less is certainly not more when it comes to this chaps sartorial instinct. I mean, each to there own and horses for courses or what have you, but in terms of general ´swagger´, let me use a phrase commonly uttered in south London, England....." I´m not feel´in you broth".

    Good looking you may be but I really am not feeling any rush of blood to the head with this get up! Far too much going on here and I feel its...Style on acid!


    London, England.

  4. Ps.
    Come to think of it:
    Its just a personal opinion I don´t mean to come across sounding rude or over opinionated and as I say, good looking dude though not very GQ for my style. Would love to style this guy.
    Perhaps ton down a bit on all the wrist accessories/finger in particular. The pocket sq is a bit too over baring, the suede brogues do not compliment the overall look at all (leather loathers no socks, but suede lace ups? ).

    A subscription to Ebony man/GQ/Esquire might just save this cat from fashion oblivion!

    Hogan (again!)

  5. I have to disagree Hogan. Style does not come from magazines it comes from real people expressing their true feelings and real experiences. Magazines feature fashion of the times. You made a great point about it not being for you, Exactly! It's for him, his expression.

    If people did not experiment like the fella featured above, what we see as the norm would not exist. A certain look came from someone taking the risk, being laughed at, misunderstood and then years later understood and followed.

  6. "Anonymous" Well said!
    Your eloquence in expressing your point has got me thinking, perhaps your right?: " If people did not experiment like the fella featured above, what we see as the norm would not exist ".


    I will take back some of my observations but I still hold strongly my view when I say that this dudes overall attire is simply ´style over substance´!


  7. Anonymous and Hogan, I'd love youo 2 to be Swagger 360 critics if you don't mind..... e-mail me

  8. Hogan, how long you been in the States and what part of London you from?
    Are you in Fashion?


  9. He's got it! Where do I start? The red handkerchief is the cherry on the cake... he suits the hat and it helps that he has excellent bone-structure.

    Great swagger spotting. I've been absent from the site for a little while, glad I'm back, catching up on all of your awesome shots. Thanks for offering a great and alternative street style blog Karl, it's my favourite!



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