Friday, May 1, 2009

Swagger After Dark

Brooklyn, NY

So, Last night I had a chance to attend The Brooklyn Circus "Changing of the guards" Book release. Some of Brooklyn's flyest men (and women) were out for the event. I must admit it is always refreshing to see men of style engaged in a friendly battle of the style. - There was something for everyones taste... and plenty going on.


  1. STUBBS & WOOTTON...ARE A FAVORITE OF MY MOTHERs...I Remember her first pair came after I finished high school...years ago. WARNING NO GUESSING MY The Gentleman in the pictures wore them very well...with class and taste...I AM A MAJOR FAN OF HIS SWAGGER.


  2. This young brother has an amazing sense of style and fashion sense. The fact that he is able to create such a unique style drawing from classic Americana apparel is inspiring. A real class act!

  3. LOVE his colours, maybe a bit too much for me but he gets away with it !
    The waistcoat is fabulous !! I have a soft spot for waistcoats !!

  4. Brooklyn'ers dress so diffrent than Oslo citizens! And it's so cool to see your pics, very inspiring. Here we dress all serious and minimal and people are trendy and stuff but not that original. I want to go to Brooklyn!:)

  5. it's spring. play with colors, but in a different way....on top of his style, this dude's color mix is very well done. everything fits: bold colors, bold patterns. applause in order...

  6. this is almost comical. this is not style this is trying so hard you start looking silly.



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