Thursday, December 11, 2008

Swagger After Dark


  1. I noticed this Gentleman as soon as he walked into the room... Maybe it was the dashiki and tie... maybe it was the vintage bag... maybe the red sunglasses. The point is I noticed him and his entrance wasn't forced or pretentious... it was quiet. He combines, different items and the overall effect works.
    4 Star Swag

  2. Oh my !
    He looks gorgeous !!
    LOVE his glasses and the bag too !

    Who wouldn't notice a guy like this (anyone that's blind maybe ??...)
    Imagine going on a blind date and then this feast for the eye enters the room......(sigh)

  3. You have a great blog as well! And the red sunglasses are fierce.

  4. there's so much going on here, but it's not at all overwhelming. i love that! but my favorite part is the caftan & tie combination, it's genius!!!

  5. the glasses and handbag add so much personality. i love it.

    xx- LJ from SOS!



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