Thursday, December 11, 2008

Commentaries and Notes

Just wanted to share a bit of news with my Swagger 360 followers. I was recently given the opportunity to join Toro Magazine's Stylebook Crew., is an affluent men's lifestyle magazine. Toro Magazine's print incarnation ran for four years in Canada, garnering a number of awards for it's content and design. Just recently in May, 2008 Toro Magazine launched as a web only publication offering an comprehensive content lineup including blogs, graphic novels, photo galleries and videos.

Most of you may have seen some of the photos posted on (click link) however, take a look and see what they selected... and as always, I look forward to the feedback from you.

Click to see the direct link Swagger 360 in Toro Magazine and enjoy magazine... it's Swagger worthy.

Live with Swagger,

Karl-Edwin Guerre.


  1. Am totally happy for you !!
    What great news to end 2008 !

    Felicitations !
    Do XXX (+ 3 kisses)

  2. thank you kindly for the congratulations ...

  3. Congratulations...this is but the tip of the iceberg



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