Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Commentaries and Notes

Sometimes, certain comments are made that just need to be presented to the viewers of this blog in hopes that they themselves will share their thoughts..... So, as always, please speak your peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear what you and others think about those without the attitude or those without "swagger" since there is a distinction being made between the two. A lot of people these days are using the concept of swagger as an ideal to be achieved--something that makes you cool. In other words, if you don't have swagger then you're not cool. A lot of times, this is based on how a person looks or what a person wears. I guess what I'm trying to get people to think about is: what is REALLY cool? Is it really about wearing the "right" accessories and wearing clean shoes?


  1. Let me begin by thanking you for the comment. now right to it.... For starters, let me be clear in saying that this blog was never about "fashion"... it was and remains about style. Style trancends clothing, it goes into the fabric of your everyday life... how you carry yourself in public, in private, under the watchful eye or quick glance of another. Now the "dressing" plays a part.. but mind you I said a part. Let's be honest, the way you dress speaks volume about yourself... it shows a certain creativity and pride. I make no apologizes for either of the 2.

    You said it sounded like if you didn't have swagger you weren't cool.... I will simply say that I'd rather have swagger than be cool... there is a difference. Swagger is being a gentleman/a lady, being considerate of others at all times (without being a fool or a push-over), Swagger is about confidence, it's about being comfortable in ones skin. Cool on the other hand has more to do with what the outside world sees...perceives.

    In closing, I made it a point to have written and posted material on the side of the blog. The reason for that is to let all those who come to the blog understand... or simply remember that this is not just about photos, a look, but more importantly a lifestyle.

    If I didn't address your question, please let me know.

    Live with Swagger,

  2. Cool is being who you are, letting YOUR style come to the surface. (If I wore what some people in the pics are wearing, I wouldn't look right, because I'm not them) It is being comfortable in who you are and being the best you that you can be.
    Fashion, in my opinion, is for lazy people who want to dress well. People who are slaves to fashion are not letting their style come through.
    When you are being you, the way you carry yourself changes, the way you think about yourself changes, this then affects the way you behave and act with others.

  3. I tilt my hat to you Keith. Well said, I concur.

  4. Based on this discussion, it seems as simple as this:

    - cool is a perception of others based on how they see you;
    - swagger is a way of being that comes from a confidence within;
    - fashion pertains to the garments and accessories themselves;
    - style, in the fashion sense, is how you assemble and wear said garments and accessories

    I see a correlation between fashion and style. And even swagger, fashion and style. But one can be cool without any of the other elements. Can you have swagger without fashion or style?



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