Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Real Men Know How To Make an Omelet.

With NY Fashion Week less than 10 days, it's nice to see that the site continues reach a wide audience. The following is from From, fashion blog @ (Denmark's largest daily newspaper.)

Below is the translation. Thank you Sharon, who operates an eclectic music blog by the name of The Nightfly, she was kind enough to translate the text.

From, fashion blog @ (Denmark's largest daily newspaper.)

Text by Jakob Bagterp,, Copenhagen, January 31, 2011.


[headline]: Real Men Know How To Make An Omelet

Fellow blogger Tommy Ton calls Karl-Edwin Guerre "possibly the best dressed street style photographer". And he may be right - Guerre does indeed dress impeccably, but what is equally commendable is his gift for capturing the details that make up the elements of stylish men's fashion.

Karl-Edwin Guerre named his entertaining photo blog Swagger 360, inspired by Humphrey Bogart, the 70s, and Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack days. The street style photographer also mixes the motto 'classic is always best' with hip hop slang like 'casual fly', i.e. smooth and effortless enough that you won't need to change from work clothes to cocktail party clothes. Or vice versa if the party finished in the wee hours.

Vogue, the paper Metro, and the African magazine Arise are among his photography clients. But in addition to clicking away with his camera, Guerre happily doles out advice on traveling to Paris, throwing a party for your friends, and how to master making an omelet which is listed among the 36 things every modern man should know. Amen.


Translated from Danish by Sharon Jensen Zlotnik, Long Beach, California.

Love the title of the article!
For those not familiar with the list mentioned in the article.... Swagger 360's List of 36 Things every man should do!


  1. Congrats! LOL-- A real man should be able to make an omelet.

  2. I read the article at and checked out your blog afterwards. Really great stuff, will definately be keeping a close look at what going on here.

    Btw. Politiken is not the largest newspaper in Denmark. It's in the top 5 though.



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