Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Details

After running into Rafik owner of Chicago based haberdasher's The Shrine (two top photos) I was reminded of one of the items that top my "If I ever find it, I'll have to get it" list

What is the one item you feel is 'the thing to get'? For me it's button covers.

While it's easy to find cuff links, button covers are a hard find. You don't always wear french cuff shirts and need cuff links, so the detail is golden on a regular cuff. This is one of those items that I feel speaks volumes. I may not always do dress shirts, but when I do... why not add some style to it.

Rafik's button covers were purchased in Japan, the designer is unknown.

button covers from Mont Blanc (no longer in production).


  1. total chic

  2. Love that second shot, great composition and focus.

  3. Sorry the Mont Blancs are no longer available. They truly are beautiful. (and the rings are pretty gorgeous too.)

  4. Love the cufflinks.... very elegant!



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