Friday, November 19, 2010

The Details

Military inspired.

Something about perfect fit and cut, always does it. This chap had the whole mitilitary look going on without looking like he was trying. Because of him I decided to feature some of the women details also inspired by military looks.


  1. Love these detail shots. I like the way military-inspired pieces lend a certain formality.

  2. Gorgeous. Spectacular take on the military trend. Love the detail as always.

  3. Love the yellow piping jacket and the random unzipped one. Great shots xxx

  4. I started to love those clothes...

  5. Who makes the man's coat or coats?

    Is it one ensemble or two?

  6. Anon, the gent and I spoke for a few minutes and he did tell me the name of the designer.... truth be told, I didn't jot it down. But he expressed his complete satisfaction with the entire line.

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    Swagger360 creators brush the dirt off your shoulder,
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  8. The first one is Ann Demeulemeester and the second one John Galliano.

  9. Really nice pictures
    A lovely blog x



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