Saturday, October 30, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Dear Swagger 360,

I am a huge fan, I only recently discovered your website and I am already addicted, I can't stop. I save a bunch of your pictures on my computer, and check the blog every day. I am only 14 but I love fashion and anything like this, I love the risks people take and are able to pull off. The thing is I live in Miami where unfortunately the style here is a laid back that is usually overdone, I have trouble trying to pull of looks that are still appropriate and hip for my age but that exude a sense of style all my own. I was wondering if you had any basic tips. Trust me, I go to new york at least once a year and I always dress to impress while I'm there, although I don't have brands, and great designer clothing all the time, I always try to look sharp. I have always dreamed of moving to New York, I love the people and they style they have. I am actually recently taking a course here in fashion just to get a better sense of making clothes. If you have any tips at all for me that would be great. Thank you so much!




Let me begin by apologizing for the delay in response. Usually I reply to all questions in a private forum, but this is one that I wanted to share with all the others that view the site, and actually allow them to share as well.

I believe that style is, and should be an expression of the individual. While many believe they need to spend an excessive amount for fashion, I believe firmly that not all that is expensive is worth buying (I'm currently working on a post about how to save, and get great deals).

You asked for tips -

- I am a firm believer in details. What seperates 2 people wearing the same thing are details.. the little things that show personality, express the individual (it may be a ring, the socks, etc.).

- Make sure the items you wear fit you correctly. This is key. It is better to have an inexpensive item that fits well, than an expensive ill fitting item.

- Learn what colors work best for /and with you. Some colors work better with certain complexions, the point is to find colors that compliment you. The right colors will work wonders for you.

- Don't buy it just 'cause you like it... buy it cause it works well with you (you can like it from a distance if it's not meant for you). Every style isn't for every one. The wrong style (if that exist) often looks forced, and like a costume. In your case, you're very young, you'll surely dabble with different styles until you eventually find the one you really like. Try to stay away from buying things because they are trendy (eventhough your peers may have you believe it's normal).

- Be honest with yourself in terms of your physical makeup. We all have physical flaws, the point is not to draw attention to them, we all have great attibutes, the point is to bring them out more. Men - if you're short, no long blazers. If you have a belly - no tight suits, no space between your tie, and belt. Ladies: If you're short, you may want to reconsider long boots with no heels.

Sabrina, I simply wanted to share with you some of the thoughts that crossed my mind after reading your e-mail. Hopefully you'll pull at least one helpful tip... and knowing those who follow this blog, I'm sure they'll contribute with what they deem helpful pointers as well.

Live with Swagger.



  1. The one thing I like about your site is the freshness, and the new things you add from time to time. Keep it up.

  2. thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate your blog like you have no idea :)

  3. I like the fact that your blog speaks to a wide age group. Keep it up.

  4. solid tips that can apply to all. Thanks for sharing.

  5. that is sooo sweet

    individuality = style.....FACT!



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