Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye on Style

For those who follow the blog, you'll know that I am the official Street Style photographer for I had no intentions on posting the photos of the women that I submit to until now. I decided to include on this blog some of the shots that I feel stand out from my photo gallery and explain why I like them. Feel free to comment as to whether or not you agree with my thinking or not.

What I like about this look is the simplicity and play of colors. Her 'big' hair works well with her complexion coupled with the stone washed jeans, white top and cream jacket and boots, I think this look exudes fun and youth all while fitting the person wearing it.

This outfit is a quiet winner. From the fedora, to the Michael Kors (limited edition bag), to the vintage Prada heels this is quiet chic. This outfit could be worn to work, the local bookstore, or in the big city. It reflects a certain cool and class - nothing over the top, just good quality.

This is all about weekend fun to me. The long black sweater is great and the red coat with leather trim collar is nice. I like that the coat isn't form fitting... (The tights are enough) the fit on the coat makes this a "let's enjoy hanging out" feel without being stuffy and still nowhere near sloppy look. As for the heels.... WHOA!!!


  1. haha My son (5) saw these pics and he said very firmly ; I think she is a beautiful girl (een mooi meisje) .... (2nd pic from the top)
    he has good taste !!

  2. I just had to comment on the heels (shot #3).....

    Wowsers! I love them:)

  3. i like the 2nd woman, very regal and classic.



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