Friday, February 13, 2009

Street Swag

What I like about Brooklyn NY is how you can find 2 completely different styles in the same area... BROOKLYN NY, many STYLES, same SWAGGER.


  1. Love his entire look, especially his shoes. Manicured, chic yet effortlessly laid back too. Great find.

  2. Immaculate, flawless. I like all the different textures he's working here from head to toe.
    It's not easy to pull of a leather blazer, but he does so perfectly. The coral sweater vest is a nice touch. And the shoes are trousers are beautiful.

  3. Oh, I really like this guy, such a good blend of items, something about it all that makes it look really authentic.

  4. He is really stylish ! Love his trousers, the fabric I mean and the combo with his waistcoat..
    The embroidery is really beautiful ...

  5. good shoes and waist coat. make it look easy



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