Monday, February 16, 2009

Street Swag

4 Fashion Shows in 2 day, yet the best Swagger was outside the tents.

New York Fashion Week



  1. this gentleman really represents the essence of a dandy but in a playful manner. The captoe boots are always the best of both worlds. Unlike some outfits that use one item to bring to convey a message, each item helps construct this sentence. The jacket is serious, the pants are are unlike no other. Excellent FuZz

  2. there was a guy on the sartorial list who i think started this trend that im starting to see on current shows, and also on the streets. Where do i find those all so clever riding paints??

  3. he is too cute, i like how his sense of humor shows through.

    he carries these vintage pants with elegance. and i love the colors he has on.

    but the glasses are especially endearing.

  4. Love love love his look - he was featured on NY mag site, 'the look book' too.



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