Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Swagger After Dark

I told myself I would retire some people from the Blog after having posted them in 2008 ....but some people just have that Swag you have to catch.

Are these ladies worthy of Swagger 360 frequent flyer miles? I think so... Some more Brooklyn Fly.

Brooklyn, NY


  1. Wow - they are awesome!! Such style, they definitely walk with a SWAGGER!

  2. i have to say they do represent brooklyn swagger to the fullest. I'm really feelin the Juelz(not the rapper) in the pic. Yo what always holds my interest when it comes to borrows in NY is the constint swagger battle, that it seems(maybe imaginery or just overly hyped likethe east coast west coast beef)Harlem and Brooklyn have. I just wish one day you could compare the two cultures (as what they deserved to be called respectivly)in a post

  3. Milt... thanks for the idea. I will make it happen.

  4. I love their jewelry! They are also musicians/ spoken word artists and twins! Dope ladies if you get to meet them.


  5. Interesting...probably I'd never wear that, but nice...

  6. I would wear those goldn' assets ! Wow !
    Love the combination gold/turkish blue gems...



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