Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swagger After Dark

I had 3 Seconds to take these 2 shots...
I think it was worth it.



  1. Lucky you !
    Love her red lips and matching nail-polish ...
    Her coat is just to die for !
    Totally my style too...

  2. I really didn't even have time to really set up the shot as I would have liked. She also had on some killer 4 inch heels.

    This is one of those simple sexy looks... The lipstick, the nail polish, and Louis Vuitton bag jump out against the colors that she's wearing all while balancing the look. Her haircut ... Great!
    5 Star Swag

  3. it's still a great photo so thats all that counts

  4. what i really like is how simply chic her clothes are, but then she has the red lips and the shiny bag as WOW! items.

    i didnt notice it at first, but i like how she makes what was a very tacky bag when carried by paris hilton, on her it looks so chic.

    also she's absolutely beautiful!

  5. This is the best looking lady I have seen in your blog so far! She is stunning. She's got this elegant thing to her, lovely.

  6. Great Pics.... I Love that Coat!

  7. I LOVE her coat. Definite swag...I'd love to see her shoes? what color were they?!

  8. Absolutely worth it.. she's adorable!

  9. cocolah nyc, her heels were black and fierce. i was about to take the photo then the person at the door signaled her to enter the venue where Common was hosting.... I guess I'm not as important as Common... at least not just yet.

  10. She looks fabolous!I like her style.



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