Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Commentaries and Notes

Plan on bringing in the New Year in Brooklyn??? Then why not bring it in with some good people, good music, good drinks and SWAGGER?!?!

Plenty of Brooklyn's finest will be present...
Hope those of you who can will grace us with your swag as well
.(see link in upper left of the site for more info.)

"New Jack Swing" @ Tamboril
527 Myrtle ave. near Grand St.
hosted by HeaVy, Not Just Vintage, Butch Diva, Print, the Stylistics Agency, GUTS, the Minority Report, 718 Bodega, Swagger360, & Keith (MSG enterprises)
Advance tix at $20, $40, $50, see Gina@Tamborilnyc.com for tix info.
General Admission @ door $25

Come out and party like a ROCK STAR!!!.... and make sure you look like one, cause Swagger360 will be watching!


  1. Sounds like a great party - wish I could be there...I'll guess I'll have dinner first, then cocktails and party in my neighbourhood...party @ King Kong, Stereo Sushi and maybe chill out at le Chat le Roi ...(for an early breakfast and then off to the shore...)

    Have a great night and party on !

  2. i wish you a great fabulous party!! i will make the big jump into the newborn year here in hamburg. but i will be in n.y. for the week from the 6. til 12. of january... do you have any good tips?
    have a great party-night!

  3. God I want to go out on NYE - but I have to travel the next day.

    decisions decisions . . .



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