Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ultimate Swagger

This is most likely the first and last time that you'll see photos that I haven't taken on this Blog... however, today I had to recognize President Elect Obama - A TRUE GENTLEMAN WITH CLASS AND SWAGGER


  1. thats a good post ! he definately got swag, and u should also post the first lady ,she also has a few nice outfits... OBAMA !!!!

  2. Swagger is walking across the stage after having won one of the most prized positions in the world, and doing it with class all while showing that you know this is only the beginning. Swagger is confidence, poise, and a humble heart.
    Swagger is being what most people aspire to be.
    Congratulations President Elect Barack Obama.
    The new face of class and Swagger in America.
    Ultimate Star Swagger

  3. congratulations!!! historic moment for the US!!!
    Did you see him back in when he was in college? He had this afro and looked soooo handsome!! (not that he doesnt now..)

  4. another blogger sent me this link. really amazing photos.

  5. oh and im with roxane, michelle obama is quite possibly the best dressed 1st lady since jackie o

  6. Not only is he brilliant, he's a looker too!:)



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