Monday, November 3, 2008

Street Swag

Pint Size Swagger

Brooklyn, NY


  1. Swagger comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only is the young chap dressed well (in what happens to be his own clothing line...yes I did say his own clothing line ... more info on Bryce Wear soon)He's just too cool in his tilted cap, double breasted coat and suede Clarks... This look on a grown man would be classic. It only makes you want to step up your game.
    5 Star Swag

  2. cutest thing ever!
    thanks for the nice comment btw :-)

  3. This little man is amazing! Can't wait to see more about his line.

    I really like this blog, actuallu it's one of the best blogs I've seen:) I'll follow for sure.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog, that was very nice:)

  4. Wild part is, his swagg is better than most adults I know!!! Much respect to the lil dude!!

  5. That's it! This young man is ahead of the game!! I wish he could give my bf some well-needed pointers!!!

    And thank you for the kind comment on my blog. Keep up the good work ;-)




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