Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Call The Swag.

Lately I've been receiving plenty of comments to my personal e-mail concerning the photos posted. I welcome all comments and encourage you to post them on the Blog (speak your mind freely... we are all adults.) I have decided to occasionally have a post called "You Call The Swag", here you can comment on random shots and give your feedback as to the Swag. I hope this will encourage you to share your views on Swagger with us all.
(...and keep posting comments on the other posts as well... Swagger is speaking your mind.)


  1. The lady on the right in first photo looks like she may have some swagger to her - wish we could have seen the whole outfit. As for the other ladies ... they're cool, but nothing jumps out as to swagger. keep up the good work.

  2. One thing I will saqy is you giuys do not shy away from showing attractive females with style. No matter if their trying to impress or not. With that being said, the last female has a lot of attitude in her pic. Which is what you feel when you glance at it



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