Friday, October 31, 2008

Street Swag

Brooklyn, NY


  1. I'm Diggin' this look. Fun, Cool, Comfortable. The color combination is great (down to the mustard stitching on the jeans). The sweater/sweatshirt could have been worn a litttle nerdy or like a tourist in Times Square... He rocks it how it should be rocked...with Swagger.
    5 Star Swag

  2. Man this look right here is too raw FuZz!!!!! The jacket is crisp, the fit of the jeans is dead right!!!!! kicks are understated!!!The tilt on my man's cap is serious!!! But themwhat makes this fit so BK is the the sweater!!! Junk reminds me of the old ICEBERG sweaters Jay,Dame, and Biggs used to rock. My man still finds a way to make that junk relivent to the grown and sexy movement(if there still is one).

  3. I want cool guys like this in Oslo.
    Yeah, I'd like that;)



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