Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Details

There's a quote from a 20th Century English proverb: "Cold hands, warm heart"
There's a 2010 saying: "Nothing beats some stylish gloves"

How he does it, how she does it...


  1. it's always the small little items that make a look personal and special !
    Great post !
    Time to look in my big box of accessories again !!

  2. that second pair of gloves is amazing! Who would have thought you could make such a feature out of gloves..... hands are so great it seems a good way to make them centre-piece

  3. Congratulations on being part of Tommy Ton's best of 2010. You are certainly one who appreciates details. Looking forward to more swagger in 2011.

  4. the last one would be my favorite!

  5. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL, especially that first shot. As far as gloves go, the lace and the opera length ones with slits are my faves.

    Speaking of gloves, check out these wacko purple ones...



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