Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bulgari - Save The Children charity campaign.

I was honored to be among the 32 selected bloggers asked to be part of the Save The Children charity campaign by Rome based Jeweler Bulgari

To support and purchase the ring click here: The ring

To learn more of Bulgari’s overall philanthropic efforts click here: More here.

To view the other bloggers selected, click here: 32 selected bloggers.

(Count down to the new site officially begins today. is coming very soon.)


  1. It would be nice if you included some information on where the ring can be purchased or the campaign. Purchasing the ring supports a charity that many hold near and dear to their hearts. It's disappointing to see someone use that charity to promote themselves. Frankly I find it stomach turning. Shameless self promotion taken way to far.

  2. Anon - I had posted the info on the new site and was going to post it here as well (you simply came to this site before it was posted here which does happen)... thanks for the comment.

    As far as the stomach turning - try Tums and relaxing.

  3. congrats broo!!!! its fantastic!

  4. Great campaign...congrats!
    Looking forward to the new site as well!!!

    P.S. I think you should delete bitter comments like Anon's one...tell these sick minds to get a life;)

  5. Bvlgari chose a great cause and talented people like you to promote it...and I find it beautiful if secondarily, you can actually "promote" yourself this way...
    Tammy's right, don't pay no mind to haters and congrats!!!

  6. Beautiful! Love the photos! I'm definitely getting the ring!

  7. I see you traded colors for a nice grey outfit. Plain and so classy, makes the ring stand out!
    Absolutly love it (you and the ring!)!!!

  8. I always thought grey shirt and grey pants were a fashion faux pas. Shows what I know...



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