Friday, April 8, 2011

Other side of the lens.

It's always a pleasure visiting Jason Jean's site (Citizen Couture) and it was a nice surprise to see myself through the lens of this talented photographer via a series of photos.

Thanks for the love... (Click here to see the photos)


  1. I was so inspired by those photos that I wrote all about you. Your style is amazing!

  2. he did a fab job with the pics... and ur as fashionably hot as anyone can get...

    i took some pics of some kids i think u will like...i was thinking about telling u about them when i was shooting them..hehe ..

    hope ur doing well..


  3. the dapper dandy :) when are you going to post on Idle Thoughts... or Confessions...? I emailed with no response...
    Very nice photos



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