Friday, January 7, 2011

Swagger Bespoke 101

I was recently contacted by a gentleman telling me that he was looking to change his style and asked for me opinion. I agreed and we met to begin the process.

The first step was to meet with Jeff O'Connell and get a feel for him. The key things to know are - Jeff stands 6'7", weights 190 lbs., Has a fair complexion, red hair, is a magazine journalist, published author, and just became Editorial Director/ Publisher of

First thing was to find out what look he was going for. Comfortable, not too stuffy, relaxed, professional, artistic. The thing I like about Jeff was that he had an idea of what worked and didn't work with him, he also was open to trying new ideas.

After explaining to him what I had in mind for him style-wise, I decided to take him to one of the places I consider a hidden gem for bespoke clothing.

The next step was to pick out patterns and colors that complemented his complexion and hair (the red hair can really be used as a means to make the colors of the outfits pop)

Next came deciding on size of the lapels, and style of clothing. Because of his height and weight, it's close to impossible for him or any gentleman his size to find a great fit from off the rack clothing. So bespoke was the way to go.

While in the office, Jeff had no intentions on wearing a blazer, so I knew that 3 piece suit was the way to go.
1. It allows the wearer to alternate and have "more outfits", wearing all 3 pieces, 2 pieces, jacket, no jacket.
2. It would allow him to be creative in terms of lining for his vest.
3. Waist coats (vests) look great on slim men.

We went with a pair of jeans... but not regular jeans. A smooth denim material, that was far from basic yet styled and cut in a manor that showed individuality. Easy to dress up, while being easy to wear in casual mode.

What Jeff use to wear...

What he's wearing...

No ties- no need for one.

"I'd rather strive to be an ambassador of style, than a patriarch of fashion."


  1. amazing. I especially love the waist coats.

  2. Love the patterns on the vests.

  3. This was dope! Please check back in with him in a few weeks so we can see how a simple change in style impacts the rest of his life. The jeans are killin' em btw.

  4. He looks so good after. Great suit he got there. So well fitted and great colours for him too!

  5. Guerre,

    His shirt is super fine. Tell me, what kind of cuff is that? It looks so different. I can see the suit, but his shirt is super refined.

  6. Difinetely Dapper!

    Great work!


    Ciao Ciao Bella Donna

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    Sharing Lots of Love n Fun!

  7. Like the side tabs on the denim.

    So, who's the tailor?

  8. Mxolisi - The shirt cuff is a special design by the bespoke shop. It's a 'simple' cuff with functional flap. Add the button cover and voila.

    Anon - You don't expect me to share all my secrets, do you?!?!

  9. Nice post. He'd look even better with a proper haircut.

  10. who makes the fabric?

  11. I know this blog is called Swagger 360. But this was a Swagger 180. Love the choice in colors, and the paisley print details on the vest. I personally do not know Jeff O'Connell but the choice of everything here seems to capture his personality (the hoodie, the leather jacket...the inner rock star) - Tony Gyepi-Garbrah

  12. He was definitely in good hands What a transformation! The back of the waist coat is absolutely beautiful as in the unique detail of the french cuff. Bravo!

  13. Great job. The waist coats are crazy.

  14. I absolutely loved this post, could you do more of these or maybe explain specifics like some of the basic things needed to "dress up" and I would like to know more of what category he chose...artistic, prof, etc and how that would change your approach but thanks for the great post and always for the constant stream of swagger :]

  15. I think I might know where this is. is this the place that makes women's garments as well? if it is, it might be the place my wife frequents.



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