Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Commentaries an Notes

As to last night's event, I have 2 words... Thank you.

It was great to see some of New York's most dapper men under the same roof.

A few photos to come shortly.

The ladies did their thing!


  1. Guerre,

    Your event last night totally inspired me and my 2 college buddies to take control of our career & destiny through blogging. We were the 3 gentlemen who kinda mobbed you down and asked you a couple of questions, namely "The top elements needed for a successful blog".

    I just recently started following your blog, and I am quite impressed with the quality and reputation you've created for yourself within a short span of time!

    So from one brother to another, THANK YOU for being an inspiration of success and innovation. I look forward to attending any other events that you'll be hosting in the future.


  2. Guerre,

    Last night was perfect. The ambiance of the Living Room with the accents of your photos was perfect. And, of course, everyone looked amazing. Kudos.

  3. aww! sad i missed this! congrats.

  4. congratulations on such a wonderful event! i'm excited to see where you're headed next :)



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