Sunday, December 5, 2010

Swagger 360 in collaboration with Ralph Lauren Fragrances "The Big Pony Collection"

Video 3 - 'The Adventurous Fragrance'

The idea behind The Adventurous Fragrance (fragrance #3) according to Ralph Lauren Fragrances is to mix the thrilling scent of mint and ginger root that triggers an
adrenaline rush, and prepares men for an experience of extreme sensations. The scent addresses the game of adventure and the challenge of the outdoors.

I say life itself is an adventure... so prepare for it.

Video 2 - 'The Seduction Fragrance'

Video 1 - ' The Sporty Fragrance'


  1. you keep me smiling! I never know what I'll find on your blog, great work.

  2. Nice work - Swagger movie time coming soon?!?

  3. The first one is still my favorite.

  4. Each video has a different feel. My favorite is the 2nd - like the idea of a story.

  5. The series of videos were a great idea... Congrats



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