Monday, November 22, 2010

Swagger 360 / Ralph Lauren Fragrances Collaboration.

So, this is part 2 of a 4 part collaboration.

Video 2 'The Seduction Fragrance'

When asked how musk and dark chocolate notes fit the philosophy for Big Pony Red #2, Perfumer Antoine Lie from Givaudan responded that musk and dark chocolate are sexy notes; I used this accord to bring out a smooth, alluring element to the fragrance. Musk and chocolate are reportedly known aphrodisiacs.
The perfumer was also asked how he felt Big Pony Red #2 was representative of Ralph Lauren. His response -
I think that Big Pony #2 represents a new, modern expression of Ralph Lauren always with a nod to a classic style that he is known for. Red #2 has a timeless masculine structure with modern facets that make the scent relevant for today, something that is not trendy but a well made part of your wardrobe. Just like the Ralph Lauren brand.

My take - chocolate and musk in a fragrance, makes for something smooth without being overbearing.

For a chance to win a free bottle of The Seduction Fragrance, re-post the video, and let me know where you posted it (you'll find the embedded code via the youtube link/logo).

Video 1 'The Sports Fragrance':


  1. Still trying to decide which video I like better. Nice job

  2. I must say, you really do it up.

  3. When are you shooting the movie?!? great director's eye.

  4. Excellent job! :)!/profile.php?id=1111775383

  5. Great job on the videos. The locations are great.



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