Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Street Swag

New York City, N.Y.

How can you tell it's not a clip on... the beauty is in the imperfection. You'll never see a perfect bow tie (unless it's a clip on). The tilt, slant, unbalanced bow tie is the sign of a man who ties his own bow tie.

I've crossed paths with the following chap a few times, and he always dresses to impress. Maybe it's because he has access to some great items... visit his online store (link under the photos).

Fine and Dandy shopkeeper Matt


  1. Now this guy is a total individualist! Love it.

  2. "You'll never see a perfect bow tie"

    ...yet we still always try to make it as perfect as humanly possible. this guy has some really great style, love the shirt and tie combo


  3. Matt certainly knows his stuff!

    I recently heard that our very own dear Queen (Elizabeth), for all her tolerance, has one particularly pet hatred - to the point of absolutely despising: people who wear ready-tied bow ties! Bravo, Ma'am.

  4. I would wear this even if I had nowhere to go!



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