Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Today's post is about This is about getting the most for your hard earned dollar.

1. Invest in the book 'Dressing The Man' by Allan Flusser.
This book walks you through everything from folding a pocket square, tying a bow tie, to learning about different fabrics, and the perfect fit. I firmly believe that any chap serious about dressing should own this book. If you're a lady looking for the perfect gift, this will go further than a beautiful shirt or tie, this book is if not the style man's bible, it's one of chapters. You'll hear about this again in my upcoming post on perfect Christmas gifts for that gentleman with swagger (you can thank Ruthie for the list, she e-mailed me asking for it).

2. Esquire comes out with "The Black Book" (which is actually an annual issue). This is a shorter version of Dressing the Man. Past issues have featured things such as how to correctly iron your shirt, how to pack your suitcase, how to remove stains, etc. GQ just came out with it's version.

Both are strong, both give you the insight and pointers on fashion and style.

3. Sample Sales.
Why pay full price if you can get it for less. Many designers have sample sales (usually once or twice a year) and many have outlet stores throughout the United States. While sample sales tend to bring the biggest savings, you may be limited
in terms of what you find. Just know that there will be plenty of jockeying for position, no room for hesitation, and you best grab it quick.

Outlet Stores offer great deals on items that are no longer on the retail store shelves, but still worth having in your closet at 25 to 60% off the retail price. Also look up on the web and you'll find additional sales and discount at the outlet stores.

4. Thrift Shops

Yes, I said thrift. There you'll find some great items that you wont find anywhere else. Quality pieces have an extended life. Now while many people shy away from thrift stores (the idea of wearing something that someone else had isn't the most popular), you'll often find one of a kind items that you wont find anywhere else. The key is finding items that work well with pieces you already own.

5. Ebay
The fantastic world of ebay can be addictive so beware, but it can also be oh so fun. The great thing about ebay is that you will find just about anything and everything that you're looking for. All you need to know are the key words and you'll be amazed as to what the search will list. If you're looking for an item in particular, hold out until you find it. Although you may log on one day and not find it, the next day it may be listed. Shopping ebay is about patience and persistence.


  1. Great list! Don't do the Christmas LIST. Every blog does that and it reeks of consumerism. I like your blog because you are unique and not pushing more products on me that I don't need. - Anna

  2. Can I counter the ebay list with a suggestion of having a look at what's being produced via If you want something individual, and loaded with swagger, there are some amazing things to be found there by some of the most creative individuals ...



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