Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Today I decided to share a question I was asked recently from a gentleman living in Syracuse NY.

I was hoping that you might be able to answer a question for me. Do functional blazer sleeve buttons serve a purpose? I have a new blazer with them and I noticed the guy in the your pic with the orange blazer has them. Thanks!

Functional sleeves serve 1 purpose....STYLE!!! Men who have them, have them simply because they can. A blazer with functional sleeves generally cost more, as it takes more work to finish (the finishing touches are often done by hand), usually the blazer that's 'off the rack' will not have functional sleeves, it's a addition found in high-end, and bespoke suits

For those who do have functional sleeves, never button the button closest to the edge of the sleeve (think of it as being the last button on your suit... buttoning it is a no no), For the daring few, roll up the edge, and let the lining show. You have to be confident to pull that off without it looking sloppy. That's for some added Sprezzatura à la Swagger.

Live with Swagger.


  1. Great tip about not buttoning that last button; I did not know that. BTW, your blog here is a great resource for style. While I find that many others simply regurgitate tired rules, you constantly offer creative ideas through your photos that can add to anyone's swagger. Thanks!

  2. I too like a functional sleeve button. It's the little details like that or a beautiful lining, inside pockets, which make me smile.

  3. You know I'm gonna try this soon!



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