Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Swagger

I had the pleasure of meeting Tyrone Boone (Design Associate) while shooting Street Style photos a few weeks back. We exchanged numbers after the second chance encounter, and I recently reached out to him concerning another "secret project'. I met with him and ended up taking some random shots inside his place. One thing I'm big on is that Swagger is not only about what you wear, but how you live.

The 360 in Swagger, is about Style coming full circle.

Live with Swagger.

" Style is Your Essence, While you can be born in or Into Style, Being Stylish is Developed. Being Stylish is having the unmitigated gall, and the responsibility of allowing your soul to be on display. It is possessing the innate ability, the tact, and diplomacy, and the knowhow to create. It's Execution. Style is Having the courage to live using fashion as your Palette."
Tyrone Boone


  1. Great shots! Love his furniture. Especially the fainting couch and mirror. He's got great style and you clearly have a great eye.

  2. Guerre , love this feature my brother takes things from in the streets to an extension of their lifestyle. Their home.

  3. These pictures are amazing and I'm interior shots are so soothing to the eyes! Love the decor

  4. I love the blank gold frames, all the wall color too. There's a lot of great ideas here.



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