Thursday, July 8, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Brooklyn, NY

I had the honor of recently being interviewed for an upcoming article on style (I'll post more info on it later), I was asked about the importance of color in menswear. My response was simple -

"It's simple to put solids together, the art of blending colors involves being creative. Not everyone can pull it off, but for those who can, everyday life draws inspiration."

"Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly."

Photo 1. Gingham
Gingham and summer go hand and hand, the trick is to accompany it with with the right items. Usually most men accompany it with dark blazer and slacks or jeans ... Think outside the box, but be careful... the line between being creative and dressing like a clown is thin.
Photo 2. The belt.
Nothing spices up even the most simple look as a bright belt. The problem is that it's now a fashion must, and plenty of people are following the trend. Remember that the belt is an accessory and not the outfit.
Photo 3. The Watch band.
1 (good/solid) watch multiple (nylon) watch bands. The point of this is not only to add a little character, during the summer it allows you to give a break to the leather bands (which takes a beating from sweat).
Photo 4. The Shoes.
Most gentlemen would shy way from colorful shoes... chances are if you follow this site, you're not the shy type!

Live with Swagger.


  1. Ha! "...the line between being creative and dressing like a clown is thin." This is very true and should be posted above everyone's mirror. Love it!

  2. What kind of watch is that? If you don't mind me asking.



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