Friday, May 7, 2010

Street Swag

New York City, NY

I've met plenty of people who purchase fashion, a few who create it... and even fewer who live style.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ty Shaw aka Mr. Talented, creator of Mr. Talented Bow-tie. What I really liked about this chap was his passion, youth, and creativity (and how he blended them all together to create his bow-tie line). We had the chance to have a brief conversation and I learned that 50% of all proceeds of the bow-tie collection (the one he was wearing and had with him at the time) were going to help the children in Haiti affected by the earthquake that struck there recently.

Feel free to follow the young chappie at
Take 2 minutes and let him know what you think of his idea.


  1. This gentleman and his line are amazing. It's so beautiful to see someone being creative and giving back. Will definitely purchase a few bow ties from him. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Really creative! I see alot of guys in bow-ties but never like this. Definitely, an eye catcher...the tie & the Mr!

  3. Aside from the fact that the guy has style, you took some really great photos.

  4. Guerre took some amazing photo's. Thank you very much Guerre for the support I will never forget this.

    -Mr. Talented

  5. Mr. Talented...your name says it all. These ties are awesome. You are well on the way to changing the world!

    Great pics as usual :)

  6. This is hot!!! gotta get one!!!

  7. Great style! Love his idea! The bow-tie is very cool! ^^

    xoxo Sandra



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