Thursday, April 8, 2010

Street Swag

New York City, NY

If a Tom Ford suit is good enough for James Bond...

What I like about this look is it fits my definition of Casual Fly. Functional buttons on the sleeve, unbuttoned cuff, no socks, tie clip, black suit.... and I like the fact that he's wearing it with no belt.


  1. You are to talented!!! Someone call Tom Ford- the first image should be an ad!

  2. Guere, now this is one of the best shots I' ve seen

    The clarity of this shot is amazing.The green steps juxtaposed against the black suit/white shirt is amazing.I love that he is not wearing socks-
    This looks like a shot for a campaign... within a magazine -very Men's Vogue international.. Homme, Numero

    Oh the guy looks great which does not hurt.....

  3. nice pictures!
    he looks so chic(:




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