Thursday, April 15, 2010

Street Style

Once a month features some of the looks they deem the best in Street Style from this site. This time, instead of selecting photos I already posted, they sent me on a special assignment to find the best looks on Wall Street.

Now, for those who know, Wall Street may be where the money is made, it's also where the ill fitting suits reside. I was fortunate to come across some of Wall Street's best dressed chaps and it was only natural that I share them with you.

Please click the link at the bottom of the photos to read more on the gentlemen.

Click link for more:


  1. The striped socks and pin strip suit in the first set of images is amazing!

    Also great shoes on the two centre set of images.

  2. First picture amazing?????????????????? wrong combination, and horrible shoes with that outfit not impressed at all!!

    And where are the turn ups?? I know its wall street but come on guys.

    Credit to brown shoes in every picture

    nico from london

  3. Some style on Wall Street . . . who'd have guessed!

  4. On the first guy: Ill-fitting pants. Those loafers do not got with his suit at all. Trying too hard on the belt and shoe combination, feels like he's forcing it. Well-knotted tie and good pattern mixing with the suit.

    Second guy: One wishes he would put as much consideration to what he's wearing and the style of hair, as he does to his belt and shoe pairing.

    Third guy: Hammer time. Nice shoes and watch, though.

    First guy, second set: More like it, but could do better without the vest.

    Also, is it just me, why do they all look like douches somehow?

    Cheers, eh?

    Kp, your sartorial friend from Toronto

  5. This is why I love the readers.... As always, I welcome your opinions and comments.

  6. So nit picky! I think they look great. Yes, a little douchy but, overall at least they care what they wear.

    And I love when they wear all 3 pieces.

  7. Ha! I appreciate that they all made the effort.

  8. I agree with their levels of douchy, it exudes from their shades to their shoes. Anyways these guys look pretty sharp and I love how you organized the shots to include close ups of their belts and watches. Love checking out the detail.

  9. I'm sayin' they're young, making money, and on Wall Street.... did you expect modest looking guys?! Thanks for covering all bases.

  10. Long live Douchy!! Great post!



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