Monday, April 5, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Many of you may have made your New Years resolutions months ago, and may have no intentions on adding another list to your already hectic day. So, instead of things to do, get, have, I decided to simplify things... A list of No No's.

1. The cheap stuff. The economy is supposedly still bad, and it may be obscene to over indulge (over spend), but this is certainly no excuse for the cheap stuff. Look to invest in quality, and look at it as a long term investment. During those summer months, remember that the cheap linen only looks good up until you pass your front door. Poor quality in general shows after minimal wear, in the case of shoes, quality shoes can be resoled and last a lifetime. Discover the art of thrift shopping and even ebay (you'll find great quality at astonishing prices).

2. Flip Flops in the big city. Although they may look 'cute', the city dirt on your heels isn't. The other problem with flip flops is that you run the risk of having someone step on the back of them... crowded space don't make for leisurely walks. (ladies - clogs are great for summer and work with a summer dress. Gents - no socks and the right shoes/ athletic footwear can work. Just make sure you let your shoes air out afterwards).

3. UGGS. For those who know me, UGGS are UGLY. Unless you're under 21, I firmly believe that UGGS are a NO NO (especially in summer). I have yet to catch an person in UGGS that I would photograph.

4. Sunglasses after dark. Do I really need to elaborate?! If you're not performing on stage (as a singer) think twice about it... Actually don't think about it - just don't do it!

5. iPods and a suit (or elegantly dressed). Without realizing it, those white wires kill the look. The point of being well dressed is to maintain a level of neatness, the wires only give a messy effect.

6. Overstuffed pockets. This is an eye sore. When it fits just right and there's a bulge (in the wrong places) it no longer fits well. (Gents - an everyday bag solves that simple dilemma. Ladies, no excuses, you should know better than put anything in the pockets of those tight jeans).

7. Tube socks and a suit. I shouldn't have to say this but... I have to! There is absolutely no way you should wear tube socks with anything other than sneakers/tennis shoes.

8. Baseball cap and a suit. Unless you go to an Ivy league university, don't do it... and if you do go to an Ivy league university, only do it on their campus.

9. Overdose on Make-up. Ladies, with the weather changing, consider going a little easy on the make up. The point is no longer to look "made up", but instead, as natural as possible (with a little help).

10. Clip on bow ties. This is a Gentleman's faux pas... actually, real gentlemen don't even do clip ons. Part of the beauty of a bow tie is the imperfection of tying one, the time and effort invested and satisfaction afterwards.

11. E-books. Now I'd like to consider myself a man in the know and also a gadget kind of guy... however, E-books just don't cut it. Yes, it saves space (as opposed to a hard cover), but nothing compares to the smell of an old book... and books make for a better looking library filler than 1 e-book with a hundred titles.

12. Eating on public transportation. Make the world a better place, keep your crumbs to yourself.

13. Your child being your best friend. Your child should not be your best friend....ever. You may be theirs at some point, but it should not be the other way around. There's something wrong with parents who dress like their children, act like their children, live like their children. Although there is a closeness, their is also the separation. Let a child be a child, and let them act like children be mindful that childhood is precious, and let them enjoy it as long as possible.


  1. Do you hear me clapping from Houston??? Amen! Preach! I love the attention to details (having full pockets)...I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. I definitely love your blog :)

  3. OMG! This was maddddddddddddddd PH-U-NEEEEEEEE LOL! LMAO!

  4. I love your lists, keep them coming. I hope you don't mind if I link to this?

  5. Love it. You couldn't have put it better.

  6. Love this list ; so true especially about the flip-flops !! Even Summer shoes (open heels) can be dreadful if you don't take care of your feet anyway !!
    Invest in a good pedi too I would recommend ! Nothing so unattractive as an expensive pair of open shoes and horrible rhino feet in them !!
    An E-book could be 'it' but I prefer a real 'gazette' or magazine. It just looks better and smarter doesn't it ?
    Sunglasses after dark = I agree even during daytime it's inpolite to keep them on when you talk to someone.
    Post 13 is a difficult one ; I always wanted to be 'a best friend' for my teenage daughter but Stephan (my husband) told me this is a "you never win" situation. I'm the parent and she's the kid. She will always be. In order to be a good parent and a proper upbringing, you need to be consistent. Not trying to be a 13 year old too.

  7. "11. E-books. Now I'd like to consider myself a man in the know and also a gadget kind of guy... however, E-books just don't cut it. Yes, it saves space (as opposed to a hard cover), but nothing compares to the smell of an old book... and books make for a better looking library filler than 1 e-book with a hundred titles."

    I agree wholeheartedly with your list (well, except the iPod thing, music makes everything better!) but especially your stance on books. I occasionally see people reading Kindles on the metro and it freaks me out a bit.

  8. Why are you against ipod wires? Life isn't a fashion show, it's more important keep your sanity while on the daily commute.

    To compromise, I say go for the black wired ear buds.

  9. Had to respond to Brandie on this one. It's not that I'm against the wire... I'd rather someone listen with headphones than be annoying playing their music out loud. I certainly do agree that life isn't a fashion show, but it's a sad day when we need an ipod for our sanity on our daily commute. We've become a people of distance, and thus social skills suffer. I'm not saying one should engage in conversation with every one, but it makes me wonder what people did about 5 years ago before the marketing genius of 'apple' and before 'everyone owned an ipod' (can't help but think they were more sane in those days). I enjoy music as well, but is it really that serious that we have to listen to music on every time we go out?
    black wires aren't cute either...(smile)

  10. I despise UGGS and sunglasses after dark!!!



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