Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The other side of the lens.

Had a few e-mails letting me know that there were a few more photos posted on GQ.com, and wanted to share them with those of you who don't follow their Street Style photos.

New York Fashion Week (Day 5)

New York Fashion Week (Day 6)

New York Fashion Week (Day 7)

All photos taken by Tommy Ton for GQ.com.


  1. i have a huge respect for men who are not afraid to mix colors. i really love the little smirk in the second picture, as if all those colors was the reason of your smile . . . .
    you relly look like a genteleman Mr. Guerre . . .

  2. Guerre,

    I feel like quitting my job and becoming your intern, bro. Seriously!

  3. Love the blue tie!



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