Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the go...

New York City, NY

The who to me is never as important as "how they bring it".... I've had the opportunity to see plenty of look and styles - some with enormous price tags attached, others with moderate spending. The one thing I stick by is showcasing people who seem to just "work it" regardless to who they are.

Anna Della Russo - Editor-at-Large Vogue Japan


  1. Anna Dello Russo! Love how fearless her style is!

  2. I found a very similar coat on ebay when I was in high school, but when you're 15 $35 might as well be $300 (at least for me) so I had to watch it go. I really wanted it - I still remember it almost 10 years later! Apparently I was ahead of my time ;-)

  3. I am loving that coat... oh so cool.

  4. Man I love Anna,never afraid to take risks,but with her it always pays off!

  5. ...and that's Harper's Bazaar's Editor and Chief, Glenda Bailey behind her. Don't forget she's also fashion front row hierarchy.



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