Thursday, January 28, 2010

Street Swag

New York City, N.Y.

I've never been one for the skinny jeans, however when a chaps pulls it off, I tip my hat to him. This chap exuded a simple cool that stands out without needing to be flashy.


  1. I really hate to see men in super, tight, pencil "skinny" jeans, just does not work in my opinion at all, but hey thats just me. I do however love the rest of his outfit, especially the eyewear.

  2. I’ll never be a fan of “the skinny jean” but this gentleman is really working the look. He looks great and you’ve captured him quite well.

  3. F R E S H to a certain extent.

  4. i am and am not a fan of skinny jeans.. i think some companies do it really well.. and others dont...

    however, i do like the idea of the pants being tapered.. for so many years in America, people wore hideous baggy jeans and boot cut.. and still do.. i prefer the tapered look or just straight leg...

    nothing else..

  5. I love Him!!
    Muy guapo!!!!!



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