Thursday, January 14, 2010

Street Swag

New York City, NY

While many may chase FASHION, others choose to find their own STYLE. The key is finding the best way to express yourself. I 've been known to leave some of the best looking outfits in the store simply because it didn't fit who I was.
My style: Casual Fly.

Photo courtesy of AltamiraNYC


  1. I really like the bag - what kind og bag is that!

    And my prayers are also with you and hope that your family/relatives are safe in Haiti.

  2. Nadia, thank you kindly for your words and prayers.

    The bag - is a Guerre creation...that's me. I had it custom made, as of right now there are 2 of them ... one black, one brown...both mine! (smile)
    I may be starting my own line of 'special' items and the bag may be one of the items I'll start to shop.

  3. Love a guy with a bag! Great blog theme-- very original!

  4. My oh my..... the stance, the smirk, the character, you epitomize style from head to toe and deep within.

  5. you look great!!! and I love your blog!! unique!!

  6. you are beautiful, so is your style... just as your eyes, it radiates humanity and warmth...



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