Friday, January 22, 2010

Commentaries and Notes

Well good people, my birthday is approaching and I decided to give back as I always do on my birthday. This time, I decided to give away 25 copies of my book a day until my birthday (Feb 11th.) That's 525 books.

Simply because you have shared your time with me, and in return I'd like to share some of the gems I've gathered along the way.

The book is titled The Anatomy of a Leader.

Chapter 1 - Dealing with peoples emotions
Chapter 2 - Active Listening
Chapter 3 - Aggression and defense in war
Chapter 4 - Catering to needs and desires
Chapter 5 - Love your enemies
Chapter 6 - Be culturally diverse
Chapter 7 - The art of sacrifice
Chapter 8 - Capitalize on whims and fads
Chapter 9 - Learn to bow out gracefully
Chapter 10- Baffle with brilliance or befuddle with bullshit
Chapter 11- Learn to use people to your advantage
Chapter 12 - The art of patience
Chapter 13- Speak to few, listen to some, hear all
Chapter 14- Make people depend on you
and more...

All you need to do is e-mail me. Send me your mailing address and I'll handle the rest. Free of charge. yes, I did say free of charge. Keep it for yourself, or pass it to a friend, just know that like everything I undertake, I put my passion and soul behind this as well.

"Let me be bold enough and say that this is the official businessman's bible, the leader's ledger, gentleman's journal and blueprint - this is a classic. When it is made available to the general public, believe me, it will be one of the favorites of many a successful man and woman" Marcus Brown, Entrepreneur


  1. hey!

    My adress is:

    Richard Phuong
    Mått Johanssons väg 10 B
    63346 Eskilstuna

  2. hi, I'm an avid reader, yet a passive follower of u blog

    my addy is

    Wesbox 92946
    45, wyllys Ave.
    wesleyan University
    Middletown, CT 06459

  3. **passive 'commenter'

  4. Thanks for the response. send me your info via e-mail to
    Don't post your info in the comment section. Be sure to include your name as well.

  5. These are rad!


  6. This is so generous of you. The book looks AWESOME! Love that your birthday is the first day of Fashion Week!

  7. Awwww so this is what happens when I miss checking up on your blog for two days. I see, I see. I was hoping you would write a book actually, and it looks amazing. Many congratulations! I read rebelrenaissance so am a little bit (if I do say so, myself) familiar with your writing.

    Although perhaps you have seen this blogpost, I thought I would bring it to your attention if not: The Sartorialist wrote about graceful men and gentlemen in one of his recent posts, and what he had to say was quite interesting. (His post titled A Graceful Man, A Gentleman on the 2nd of February) Thought you might be interested.

    As for me, I try to disrupt people as little as possible. If I don't need to bother you with my presence, I won't. Not everyone wants to hear what music I'm listening to in my headphones, and my bag, or purse, or whatever, does NOT need to take up 6 seats on the train. When I'm a guest at an event, whatever it may be, I don't care whether the caterers will pick up my plate, I don't leave it behind. When I'm at the library, I don't take up all the space at a table, out of courtesy for others. Whether you know someone or not, you need to want to make a good impression. I'm not saying you have to care what everyone thinks, but make sure they don't think bad things.

    Someone might not like you because you have your head straighter on your shoulders than they do, but they can't say they hate you because you sneezed into your hand or dropped your paper cup on the sidewalk. :P

    OH and on a related note. I HATE litterers (yes, I know hate is a strong word) and people who spit. I used to make my boyfriend pick anything up he dropped. He stopped littering (at least, when he's with me) :)

    another thing: haha I'm done after this one.
    You can have strong opinions, but that doesn't mean you have to bash other people's. Be respectful, and at least attempt to see both sides. If the other person is gracious, they will try to see your side as well, and you'll probably end up agreeing to disagree. For those people who believe that you can't have a solid argument without some bashing, NOT TRUE. I've had many amazing and insightful conversations that were just that, conversations.

    Thanks for letting me speak my mind :) (and for reading, if you did so)

  8. *well, correction, I don't hate litterers the people, I hate the fact that they litter. as goes for the spitters.

    (just to clarify.)

  9. How can a I receive/buy a copy of this book after the fact : (

  10. Feel free to drop me an e-mil, I may have a few more copies.



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