Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Sweet Swagger

Initially when I started this blog, I knew that it wasn't going to simply focus on Street Style. The point of the blog was to give many a glimpse of true Swagger - a lifestyle. This is not only about your presentation in public, but a lifestyle that is consistent with what you present to the world each day.

Since it's cold outside, I decided a good way to warm up your Monday was to start a new feature called Home Sweet Swagger. Here you'll get a glimpse at the inside world of some of those featured on the site (feel free to let me know if you Live with Swagger.) With that said, I welcome you to my world.

The world of Guerre - Writer, Photographer.
I’m a collector of vintage pieces in general. I find that old pieces have character and their quality more often than not surpasses that of newer, more modern pieces.
The blue VOSS typewriter is the Cadillac of typewriters, I’ve sat in front of her many a nights with a fine glass of red wine and some jazz on the record player.

Paintings, Pens, Books.

Words of Wisdom/Quote:
"Do you with a little me, and you can’t go wrong." Guerre


  1. well I'm not sure about your words of wisdom!!! but your home sure is nothing short of amazing! loving the typewriter!

  2. Much respect sir and I commend you for having such a cool pad

  3. Love the new addition..... You are so fly, I just had to say that...;0)

  4. I am new to your site and I have to say that I think your a cool dude!

    Oh - I love the Haitian Paintings........... so I think they are - if not let me know.....

    Also have u written any books - if not - I think you should - you would do very well as an author..

    Keep up the steam!

  5. Nadia, yes they are Haitian paintings. That's the heart of my collection.

  6. I love your mini Neg Marron statue. Where can i find one? Did it come from Haiti?

  7. really nice place...well put has soul and character.....your haitian Art pieces are the vase and the combo of the tiffany lamp/type writer/recordplayer...great simple but elegant taste!!



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