Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swagger After Dark

Brooklyn, NY


  1. I have a cyber crush on "The Bearded One". He told me he like my costume!!

  2. That's Ouigi (right). He's a very stylish character.

  3. Itz Me Again Hey yOu've been awarded the Kreativ Bloggers award on my bLog!!!! COngratz

  4. Great pics on your last posts ! I got an 'award' through that Girl Ang of Creative Soulful and Sexy and your blog is 1 of my favourites too, I just not could leave you out !
    (I've awarded you with the Splash award ! Check out my blog to read more about it ! ;-)

  5. Ouigi's tote, eyewear and (of course) beard give his traditional outfit character. He is consistently on-point.

    The ensemble at left is creative and eclectic. Great tie, hat and lapel flower. If I may, I'd advise him to be careful about proportions, since he is so tall. Extending the cuffs of his shirt or jacket might bring balance to his long legs.



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