Monday, August 10, 2009

Subway Swag

New York City, NY

I had literally 2 minutes to take this shot, and this was one of those must have shots...
Let talk about this gentleman's suit.

1. Material... Quality.

2. Workmanship... impeccable. shoulder seams, right where they should be. Look at the lines on the suit (pattern) they are even on both right side and left side of the suit. (that's one way to determine the workmanship. When the lines are uneven and don't run into each other around the stitching it indicates poor workmanship.)

3. Fit... Sleeve length is perfect and just the right amount of shirt sleeve showing.

4. Color... Only few people can pull that off... I would ROCK THAT SUIT!

I'd be willing to bet a large sum that this suit was not off the rack, but bespoke.

*NOTE - I received a comment, from (Hek) (voted no. 3 in the Norwegian competition "Fashionblog 2008)... she told me the suit is from H&M .... WHOA! I've gotta look into that.


  1. looks fabulous and fits perfectly! though the shirt could have an other colour, but well... the material looks like seersucker?! you don't see that so often, but a really nice material for a summer-suit.

  2. I must agree with Marie as to the shirt color. I'm not crazy about that selection. The suit however is impeccable. and yes that's a seersucker.

  3. gorgeous!!!!
    i love this, beautiful!

    check out my blog @

  4. The suit is Matthew Williamson for H&M, one of the best pieces from that collection.
    Always cool when men aren't afraid of colours:)



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