Monday, August 31, 2009

Street Swag

New York City, NY

This is one of those chaps I've photographed before - one of those cats you always expect to see 'doin' it up'. He's got his own style and does it with confidence. I tip my hat to him.


  1. What I love to see are gentlemen that push style and creativity to the limit. Thiz gent doez just that. We can talk about simplicity all we want!!! But iz the Ballzy effortz that set apart the men from the boyz!!! Who do you know that could pull thiz outfit off and remain cool and natural. Each element of hiz fit waz constructed strategicly to raize the shock value. The shoez are a must and thoze sockz kill the game even more!!!! Man iz a style beast!!! Take that you hollister t-shirt distressed denim foolz!!!! Death to distressed denim!!!!!

  2. i can dig it! that's dandy for you!!!

  3. Where is the close-up of that briefcase?!

  4. Color combo is refreshing and phenomenal!



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